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Gryphon School meets Asha

The Gryphon School are visiting Asha today, 16 students from Yr11, and 4 staff. A brief visit across the middle of the day. The Asha staff did a great job of explaining the work of Asha, and pointing out that Asha are working in 60 Slums in Delhi, and therefore supporting 500,000 people who are …

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First Day in Delhi, meeting up with Asha tomorrow

Arrived Delhi, 01:00 local time. VISA* and luggage collection took a while. Best way to get a taxi is pre-paid, less chance of having to negotiate a fare which you think is fair. Streets of Delhi at 3:00 am are certainly quiet. Red lights are ignored, and feral dogs are plenty. Taxi came straight to …

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Off to Delhi

Up early, but too early. Arrive at Bristol with plenty of time, and check in opens in an hour . Oops, ah well, we were awake very early anyway! Quiet in the airport, even though it is Maundy Thursday, perhaps too early in the day. Brussels is across the newspapers, and a wake up call …

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Antigua 2016

Great privilege to have been able to spend January in Antigua.    With thanks to Richmond Holidays for enabling me to help them on the trip.  Click Read More below, and use this link >>>     Check out some photos here  >>>>    Antigua 2016 

Next Trip…………off to India

After a brief time at home, collecting thoughts, doing lots of very interesting things, we are off to India to support Asha in Delhi. Hope to have regular posts, so stay in touch, and also check out

Exploring Hong Kong en route for Melbourne

Stopping in Hong Kong en-route to Melbourne They say the journey is all part of the experience.  Stopping over in Hong Kong en-route to Melbourne was certainly that.  What a great place to visit.   The Ferry Terminal just oozes colonial times. The Afternoon Ferry Trip just has to be done. Fountains are really popular …

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