First Day in Delhi, meeting up with Asha tomorrow

Arrived Delhi, 01:00 local time. VISA* and luggage collection took a while. Best way to get a taxi is pre-paid, less chance of having to negotiate a fare which you think is fair. Streets of Delhi at 3:00 am are certainly quiet. Red lights are ignored, and feral dogs are plenty. Taxi came straight to Grace Homes, which surprised us as it is tucked away. Good Result.

Woke up at 9:00 for breakfast, which is 3:30 am at home. Balcony view from a small lounge, on the floor, which we have all taken over. Great view of the street, but perhaps not a great view of Delhi, those come later.

** the new e-tourist visa is now in force. So we had our confirmation of the granting of the Visa at home, and then had to join a dedicated e-tourist visa queue at the airport, where bio metric data is also collected. This involves a photo and scanning fingerprints. It’s not quite there yet, the official gave up trying to get Sue’s fingerprints to scan.   The queue was hardly moving, so work to do there as well.

Good accommodation.


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