Gryphon School meets Asha

The Gryphon School are visiting Asha today, 16 students from Yr11, and 4 staff. A brief visit across the middle of the day. The Asha staff did a great job of explaining the work of Asha, and pointing out that Asha are working in 60 Slums in Delhi, and therefore supporting 500,000 people who are benefiting from the work that Asha do. Young children, young teenagers, Health Volunteers, Graduates and Under-Graduates all introduced themselves, and got into some great conversations. Mostly around, “what are you doing”, “what career do you want”. The best part was the number of students afterwards who would like to volunteer to work with Asha in the future. The final part of the visit was a walk through the Community to see individual houses, and shops, and meet more of the residents. Very inspiring for all, and TGS were waved off with many wanting to stay longer.u8


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