Off to Delhi

Up early, but too early. Arrive at Bristol with plenty of time, and check in opens in an hour . Oops, ah well, we were awake very early anyway! Quiet in the airport, even though it is Maundy Thursday, perhaps too early in the day.

Brussels is across the newspapers, and a wake up call to see flights to Brussels cancelled on the Departure Board. Flight leaves on time, and will take 55 mins, scheduled was 1:15. Just time for some coffee. OK, 30 mins in, and plane is starting to descend, that did not take long.

Wow, bit of a rush, off the cityhopper, hunt the new Gate number, find it is a minimum of 20 minutes walk away, and head off. Short important break, but it was great to try some cheese tasting on the way! Queue forming, so we join the end. Not much happens for about 20 minutes, and then we are called forward as we have a ” Visa on Entry, and find ourselves at the front of the queue. Looking good!

Board early and settle in, glad I have some downloaded BBC programmed, in-flight vids not working at first, but all reset later.   It’s a day time flight for us, so sleep is not happening.   It will be good to see Delhi again.


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