Monthly Archives: April 2016

Thoughts on a visit to Amritsar

Thoughts of Amritsar. After a long six hour drive from Khajjiar, the thought of a hot shower was almost palpable. `But, it was not to be. Great Hotel, (The Golden Tulip, Amritsar) but only cold water was available due to……. “a technical problem, perhaps it will work in a few hours, Sir”. Not to be, …

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Himalaya, majestic scenery and forests.

Visiting the Himalaya (yes, correct grammar) is an entirety different prospect to a visit to Delhi. Gone is the dust, noise, questionable water and fear of infection, and welcome to majestic scenery reaching up to the snow line, Ravens, Eagles, Forests and open spaces. Although curiously, as you enter a town you are drawn back …

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Reflections, after a week with Asha

Reflecting after a week with Asha. In the Delhi slums that have well established Asha involvement, Asha’s influence is strong and growing. The Women’s and Children’s Groups form the core of support into the community, with the Group members receiving support from Asha in Empowerment and Education. These two skills, together with Financial Inclusion and …

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