Camino Preparation

Prep time…..

So……… how often is this title used for a Blog Entry!!   770km, 482 miles, across Northern Spain on the Camino Frances, all set for the spring of ’17.  Flights booked to arrive at the start, but no return flights yet.   We (my wife and I) decided that that best way to prepare physically (emotionally comes later) would be to get used to walking the average daily distance we expect (15 miles).  So, we have started.  first one was 10 miles, and the second 13.5 miles across the delightful rolling downs of the Isle of Wight in Southern England.    Lots of great scenery, and…. frost, chilly…    

So Poles or no Poles?  

Bi-ped or four wheel drive?   Don’t ever go on a long walk without walking or trekking poles.  Actually, I don’t think there is much difference between walking and trekking poles.  It seems all is in the eyes of the marketing man, trying to convince you that Trekking Poles mean you are more ambitious, and don’t simply go for a walk.  As you are going for a Trek, you must be a much more serious trekker, and not simply a walker.    Perhaps it is simply a slower method to go walking?   A quick google search reveals that a walk is…..  move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.   Whereas as trekking is …..   go on a long arduous journey, typically on foot.

Okay, it’s a Trek.   I reckon that the Camino Frances has to come within the latter definition.  “Arduous” does seem right.  But does that mean when you are training you only need walking poles, and then you get the trekking poles later?  

OR do you get the trekking poles now and be ambitious?  

OR, do we care?

Answers on a postcard….. do you remember they always said that on the Radio so they didn’t have to open envelopes?  I wonder how many answers they actually got on a postcard?

OR.   add a comment!  


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