D-2.  Weather forecast!!!!!

What!   Looked a few days ago and it is probably snowing right now in Roncevalles!!!!!!!     Perhaps the high route will not be the way to go. Packing all completed, and one day to go to do last minute checks.   Several friends have asked about sponsoring us , great.    We will set up a just giving site tomorrow.  

Forecast is improving, our big walk over the Pyrenees will be Saturday, when sun and cloud is expected.  Views should be stunning.  

For you late arrivals, we are walking the Camino Frances starting on 29th April, arriving Santiago 3rd June.  

The first written record of a pilgrimage to Santiago is 950AD, Bishop Gotescalco journeyed there when the buses were on strike, and the airport was being built.  It grew in importance between the 12th and 14th Centuries and now sees 200,000 + walkers a year.  Many are pilgrims looking for answers, or simply a fresh start, and time to reflect on their lives so far.  

We see the walk as a challenge, and also an opportunity to reflect and widen our own experiences.  

Here is our place marker for Thursday,  follow the smurf! 


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