Notes from the Camino, 416 miles completed. 

We are walking across Northern Spain, on the French Camino from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, a distance of 452 miles, over 34 days of walking

As I was write this, we are at O’Cebreiro in the Galacian mountains, (Oh-thay-bray-air-oh), listening to the rain and thunder outside. Long walk today, which would have finished with a 600 metre climb over 8km. Too much, at home that would have been a full day in its own right, so we arrange a taxi, sorted, so here we are, settled in to a hotel.  

We have moved on for two days, and are now at Sarria, weather is calmer, but rain and thunder are all around us, where we have a rest day. 

Scenery has changed, green valleys and hedgerows, much like home in Dorset, or perhaps Devon and Cornwall. 

At Sarria, we have completed 416 miles, with about 70 to go ( yes, I know that is more than you might be thinking, but once you start exploring villages and towns along the Way,  the distance goes up ! ) met great people, all enjoying the walk. Walking along, you really realise how little you need. Each day is a clear pattern, perhaps monotonous, but also comforting. Today in Sarria brings rest, before the final five days to Santiago.  

Strange, it feels that our trip is finishing, but we still have five days walking.  Mixture of sadness, relief, achievement, satisfaction, happiness.   Not sure what we will do for the first few days at home………a very strange feeling.   

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  1. Julie says:
    Can’t wait to catch up with you on our return from Scotland mid June!


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