Time to reflect.  

It’s a funny thing really, the Camino Walk is giving us a significant amount of time to think and reflect.   

We are now on day15, having walked 230 miles towards Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.  Projected to arrive at SdeC in 21 days.    

Having time to reflect is probably true of most long walks, all the stuff going on at home drifts away, and you know it will only become important again when you get home.  However, you do need a period of time to get to that point. 

Sometimes it’s just a two week holiday on a beach somewhere, sometimes it is something more dramatic.   We have meet several people who are simply searching for the next thing to do in their lives, and are using the Camino as a time to think and reflect.  

For us, we are reading of the UK Election due 8th June back home, hearing of the latest in the US, and trying to decypher Spainish news broadcasts.  But all these seem far away.   Perhaps that is the benefit.  At one level they are important, at another they are not.  It is your own personal situation that is most important, and the area that you have the most influence over.   

Perhaps it is the replay of an important lesson. Now and again you really need time to sit back and process all that is going on around you, so that you can approach the problems and issues that you face from a new direction, and with a new or refreshed perspective.  

It’s important that we all find a way that works for us, to reflect on what is happening in our own lives.  


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