French Camino

We are walking across Northern Spain, on the French Camino from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, a distance of 452 miles, over 34 days of walking.    

It will be our last day tomorrow, we have walked / completed 498 miles (yes, I know it says 452, but once you add on a bit of sight seeing now and again, especially on the “rest” days, it’s amazing how it adds up! ) .

Seems strange, facing the last day, I won’t need to charge the GPS unit every night, nor repack the rucksack, or wonder which bag such and such was in.   Emails are beginning to encroach, as the diary starts to fill next week.   Determined to adopt a slower pace, but how long will that last?   The days are busier now, with more and more walkers / pilgrims each day, everything is starting to get busy again.   Fascinating.   

Eucalyptus trees are appearing, introduced by a missionary in the mid 19th Century, seems strange seeing them here, and looking forward to octopus for supper………..


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