Completed……. The French Camino………. with some first thoughts and reflections.  

We have been walking across Northern Spain, on the French Camino from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela, a distance of 452 miles, over 34 days of walking.    

It was our last day yesterday (3rd June), we have walked / completed 513 miles (yes, I know it says 452, but once you add on a bit of sight seeing now and again, especially on the “rest” days, it’s amazing how it adds up! ) .

Such an awesome walk, meeting loads of people, often now friends, along the way.   Coming into Santiago took us through residential areas, rather than the more usual industrial zones and retail parks of other cities.  A more pleasing way to enter a city.  

Variety of weather, from 1-2 C at the start to several days between 25 -33 C, with one day topping 35, which was also one of the longest across a mountainous area.   Rain hit us on 2-3 days, sometimes hard, sometimes just a drizzle.  Wind was sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle, often when you wanted it to be a bit stronger. All this meant that the packing had to cover all weather conditions, and we had to be prepared for everything.    Sometimes things turn out just right, but life (and weather) can also surprise you.  

Health remained strong throughout, no injuries, illnesses or anything that prevented us continuing.  A lot of planning went into the trip at the beginning, and some plans had to change, and sometimes you could not make a decision, until much closer to when it was important.   A lesson perhaps in not jumping to conclusions.  

We go through life with many of these challenges, but on a much longer timescale.  Sometimes the result is that you do not see what might be coming up, because you are too focused on now.   On other occasions you spend to much time on now, without thinking about the future, which can mean decisions you regret, or opportunities that you miss.    No one route is right, you have to adapt and learn something new everyday, and always keep a sense of balance, using the skills and abilities given to you.  


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