One month on……from the Camino

Time goes on, and it is now a month (or so) since our return from the Camino at the beginning of June. A family bereavement within a few days of return focused our minds for a while, but we felt that we had almost been prepared for this, by the serene effect of walking the Camino, and being able to take time to think and reflect.

I certainly feel more relaxed, and able to take anything that is being thrown our way, my wife describes my demeanor as serene and patient (far more than I was before anyway).

So has it changed my life? Had a dramatic effect on how I view life? Introduced some magical impact that makes me see life differently? No. But setting yourself apart from the daily activities that dominate and drive us, even for a short time, has profound and lasting impact. This would happen anywhere, it is simply about being able to take yourself out of your normal day to day existence, and being able to reflect on what is really important to you, over a period of time. A few days is not enough, a week is not enough, three weeks might be, more definitely helped, we were away for six weeks, and whilst we had access to all those “connections” they did not really dominate. It was far easier to switch off with a focus on walking each day.

Would I recommend you do it? Yes, definitely, but try to arrange your life so that you can do 2-3 weeks at a time, or the whole French Camino. It was the amount of time we spent away from home that was the most beneficial.

Buen Camino.


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