School Academic results are not everything.

Having been a Chair of Governors for many years, as well as serving as a National Leader of Governance and Chairing a Multi Academy Trust more recently, with other roles and responsibilities in education, I have been privileged to work with dedicated system leaders (HT’s, NLG’s, NLE’s and many others) who seek to improve the student first, and monitor the results second, to see what can be improved further. Tables aren’t everything, and thankfully it seems Ofsted might be expanding their views on this. In fairness Ofsted have (in my experience) been as interested in overall outcomes as well as academic results for many years.

However, results do need monitoring, it is one of the first warning signs for a school that is likely to fail unless corrective action is taken quickly.

Some writers and newspaper columnists seek to keep politics out of education. Can’t see that happening. There are too many interested parties and too many votes at stake. What I would like to see is politicians improving educational outcomes for the child by seeking to improved an already high quality provision that is being squeezed by expecting Academies, Trusts, Governors, and Local Authorities to constantly provide more quality for less resource. There will always be this argument, however it is very acute at present. There are also wasteful Trusts and Academies which need to rein in expenditure, and it is pleasing to see the DfE take action on this with Notices to Improve and breaking up Trusts quickly where they fail. This whole sector needs more money at the moment, particularly for SEND and the Gifted and Able, with tight control about how it is spent. Sadly we are currently looking at a pot of funds with many demands, and different agendas being promoted.

When will politicians look to the future instead of (just) the next election?


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